Moulded Panel Doors

Moulded Panel Doors

  • Sankalp has the finest and stylish Moulded Panel doors to make your home beautiful. Moulded Panel doors have a hollow core and inner frames which are made of softwood. To maintain high-quality raw materials like Pinewood, Particle, and Tubular Board are used as fillers. Alternatively, a semi-solid material of sawdust and resins can also be used. Moulded Door Skins are also known for their various design availability.
  • Whether your home has a traditional or contemporary look, Moulded Panel Doors come in a wide range that will create an instant triking appeal. These doors are not only durable and elegant but are ideal for new constructions as well as replacements.
  • These doors consume less wood and help conserve forests which essentially gives us a green advantage. The Moulded Panel Doors do not require a base coat prior to paint or polish as they are delivered pre-primed (white).

Timber is treated with preservative chemicals as per IS 401 and seasoned in automatic kin seasoning plant as per IS: 1144. This process reduces the moisture content up to the desirable level and make wood durable, termite-free, borer free and fungi-free.

Stile / Rail

Finger jointed stile/rail made of selected hardwood species having good screw holding capacity. (generally mango wood/Pine Wood)

Cross Band

From selected species conforming to IS710. (Generally Poplar/Mango / Gurjan)


It is a key element for manufacturing Flush Doors, Superior bonding & waterproofing (BWP) criteria are achieved.

Face Veneer

There is no best alternative to Gurjan Wood as a face veneer. (as per 15710)

  • Borer proof & termite resistance
  •  Bonded with synthetic adhesive
  • Boiling Water Proof grade (BWP)
  • Guaranteed thickness
  • Long time stability & durability
  • Lock slot area
  • No waviness for a smooth surface
  • Furniture grade spruce wood
  • Phenol Bonded
  • Accurate Thickness
  • Calibrated Door
  • No waviness or undulations
  • Wide Design Range

Note: Above colors are only for reference.


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Note: Above colors are only for reference.