A Flush door shutter is an important building element that must possess qualities like strength, rigidity, resistance, dimensionally stable, heat insulating and durable against cyclic changes in weather. We specialize in manufacturing excellent quality doors as per Indian standard IS 2202 under the brand name “SANKALP”

This brand has strived to adopt technologies as well as standards of the modern time with respect to technology, research and quality. These qualities make them one of the best options for many homes.

Flush Door is covered under warranty, assuring you the best always. Your mind is free when you are secured and your house is protected With “SANKALP” Flush Doors.

Our responsibility seriously fully aware of our obligations towards environment, we manage natural resources carefully and to fulfill this company uses eco friendly materials manufacture its doors.

Technical Specifications

A solid core flush door consists of block board core construction with cross band and face veneer bonded with phenol formaldehyde (PF) synthetic resin by hydraulic hot press method under high pressure and uniform temperature which makes our doors structurally strong and dimensionally stable.

The timber is strengthened with vacuum pressed chemical treatment as per IS : 10013 and IS: 401. The moisture is reduced through the seasoning process at an automatic kiln plant as per IS: 1144.

Technical Detail

Moisture Content 10-12 (%)
Flatness of Shutter (twist, cupping and warping) Not more than 1 mm
Local PLATNNESS (surface smoothness) Not more than 0.5 mm
Impact Indentation Not more than 0.2 mm by a weight of 0.5 kg
Flexure Resistance (residual deflection) Not more than 2 mm
Edge Loading
- Residual deflection
- Lateral buckling
- Not more than 0.2 mm
- Not more than 1.5 mm
Shock Resistance No visible damage after 25 blows of 5 Kg
Buckling Resistance
- Initial deflection
- Residual deflection
- Not more than 40 mm
- Not more than 5 mm
Slamming of the Shutter No visible impact after 25 impacts of 15 Kg
Misuse of the Shutter No permanent deformation after the test
Varying Humidity (adverse weather conditions) Dimensional changes within 5%
End Immersion No delamination after immersion
Adhesion of plies Excellent
Glue Adhesion No delamination after immersion
Screw Holding Strength >200 (Kg)
Preservative Treatment

Sankalp Doors Features

IS 2202 (Part 1)

  • Borer proof & termite resistance
  • Bonded with synthetic adhesive
  • Boiling Water Proof grade (BWP)
  • Guaranteed thickness
  • Long time stability & durability
  • Lock slot area
  • No waviness for a smooth surface

We design and develop each project
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